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Neustar Localeze Business Registry - 2018

UID: 10338

The 2018 Neustar Localeze Business Registry contains data on millions of business locations in the United States. For each business location, the registry contains information on the business’s address, name, phone number, type of business, hours of operation, brands sold, payment types accepted, chain information, number of employees, amount of annual sales, and number of years in business. The 2018 Neustar Localeze Business Registry is licensed through the NYU Elmer Holmes Bobst Library
Geographic Coverage
United States
Subject Domain
Access via NYU Bobst Library

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Access Restrictions
Access Instructions
Data is available only to NYU employees. To access 2018 Neustar Localeze Business Registry Data, you will need an NYU NetID. In order to get an NYU NetID, please follow the instructions on the NYU website. Once you have an NYU NetID, you will be able to download the data through the NYU Bobst Library Faculty Digital Archive.
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