What is the NYU Data Catalog?

The NYU Data Catalog facilitates researchers discovery of data by providing a searchable and browsable online collection of datasets. Rather than functioning as a data repository, the catalog is a directory for researchers who are looking for datasets relevant to their work. It includes datasets that have been generated by NYU researchers as well as publically available and licensed datasets that are created by external organizations, e.g. the US Bureau of Labor Statistics.

How do I use the NYU Data Catalog?

As a researcher, you may search or browse for datasets and their creators in multiple ways.

Who controls the data in the catalog?

Each dataset is controlled by an individual, research team, or institution who may impose different rules regarding access to the data. Dataset managers will be listed as Authors or Publishers in the catalog record. Access Restrictions are also listed under each catalog entry.

What is the scope of the NYU Data Catalog?

The NYU Data Catalog indexes research products generated by researchers across all NYU institutions as well as publicly-available data which may be of interest to NYU researchers in the health sciences. Records in the NYU Data Catalog will support at least one of the following use cases:

  • Research reproducibility
  • Community resource development
  • Learning and teaching

How can I list my dataset in the catalog?

To have your dataset included in the NYU Data Catalog, you must be an NYU researcher. NYU researchers can contact the NYU Data Catalog Team at datacatalog@nyulangone.org to work with the project coordinator to ensure that your data is easily findable in the data catalog.

Is the NYU Data Catalog only visible to NYU researchers?

The NYU Data Catalog is a publicly available resource and datasets may appear in search engines, including Google Dataset Search. However some datasets in the catalog may only be available to NYU researchers. To see who has access to a dataset, review the Access Restrictions listed on each record.

What is a Local Expert?

Local Experts are listed in data catalog entries for datasets that were generated outside of NYU. They are NYU researchers who have experience with datasets that were generated outside of the institution.

How do I suggest a new feature or report a bug?

If you have suggestions or comments about the NYU Data Catalog, feel free to reach out to the NYU Data Catalog Team at datacatalog@nyulangone.org.