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American Time Use Survey

Alternate Titles(s): ATUS

UID: 10035

The American Time Use Survey (ATUS) provides nationally representative estimates of how, where, and with whom Americans spend their time, and is the only federal survey providing data on the full range of nonmarket activities, from childcare to volunteering.
2003 - Present
Geographic Coverage
United States
Subject Domain
Access Restrictions
Free to All
Access Instructions
ATUS data files are available to download from the Bureau of Labor Statistics website. Single-year data files are available for each year of the survey and multi-year data files are available as well. Accompanying the data files are module data files that combine information about well-being, eating and health. Finally, there is documentation about the survey and how to use the ATUS microdata files.
Data Type
Dataset Format(s)
SAS, SPSS, Stata, PDF, Microsoft Excel