American Community Survey

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The American Community Survey (ACS) is an ongoing annual survey that publishes and collects data on the population of the United States. The survey is issued to approximately 3.5 million households per year. The ACS contains detailed questions assessing social, economic, demographic, and housing characteristics, including age, sex, race, family and relationships, income and benefits, health insurance, education, veteran status, disabilities, employment, commuting, and residency.

Researchers at NYU Langone Health can find guidance for the use and analysis of Census Bureau data on the Population Health Data Hub (listed under "Other Resources"), which is accessible only through the intranet portal with a valid Kerberos ID (KID).

2005 - Present
Geographic Coverage
United States
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All listed data products may be accessed at no cost. Summary files and public use microdata samples (PUMS) in CSV and SAS formats may be accessed through the Census Bureau. The ICPSR data repository hosts ACS data tables as well as restricted microdata files through the ResearchDataGov portal.

To apply for access to restricted microdata files, the following information is required: investigator CV or resume, names and contact information for all members of the research team, and a 1-3 page description of research goals, including any other data needed to complete the research.

Access via Census File Transfer Protocol (FTP)

ACS Public Use Microdata Sample (PUMS) files

Access via ICPSR

Census data files stored in the ICPSR data repository

Access via ResearchDataGov

Restricted microdata from the US Census Bureau

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