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Counseling African Americans to Control Hypertension
NYU Dataset

Alternate Titles(s): CAATCH

UID: 10127

Author(s): Gbenga Ogedegbe, Joseph Schwartz, Jonathan N. Tobin, Senaida Fernandez, Ferdinand Zizi, Mark Butler* * Corresponding Author
This dataset was generated from a 12-month two-arm cluster-randomized controlled trial, Counseling African Americans to Control Hypertension (CAATCH). The goal of the study was to evaluate the effectiveness of a multilevel, multicomponent, evidence-based intervention compared with usual care in improving blood pressure control among hypertensive blacks who receive care in community health centers. 30 community health centers were randomly assigned to the intervention group (n=15) or the usual care group (n=15). A total of 1,056 patients were enrolled in CAATCH, and patients completed face-to-face interviews with and had their blood pressure measured at baseline, six, and twelve months. Variables collected include changes in systolic blood pressure and diastolic blood pressure from baseline to 12 months as well as change in physical activity, perfect change in weight, change in the number of daily servings of fruits and vegetables, and the proportion of participants with adequate blood pressure control at 12 months.
2008 - 2011
Geographic Coverage
New York (State) - New York City
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