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Home Blood Pressure Monitoring Pilot: NYU Langone Health EHR
NYU Dataset

UID: 10354

This dataset was part of a study of how patients use the new feature in MyChart that allowed them to submit blood pressure readings taken from home. This dataset includes information on all patients whose physicians have enabled this new feature. It includes the patient's medical reference number, the name of the provider who approved the feature, the site of the provider, whether or not blood pressure measurements were submitted through MyChart, the blood pressure measurements if they were submitted, the last five blood pressure measurements recorded before the feature was approved, and all of the patient's blood pressure measurements taken during office visits.
2017 - 2018
Geographic Coverage
New York (State) - New York City
Local Expert for NYU
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Accession #: 689

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NYU Langone Health Only
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To request this dataset, please contact DataCore for further information on the availability of Electronic Health Records Data. Questions about using this dataset for research purposes can be directed to Harry Saag.
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